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Meet people online and exchange free massages with others! is a collection of different massage trading groups across the country. Our members meet each other online, and then they can choose to meet up in person to trade different kinds of massages. Collectively we have over 55,000 members looking to give and receive massages with other members. Members on our website are both men and women, gay and straight. We have both amateur massage enthusiasts and professional massage therapists, though the majority of our members, approximately 90%, are just normal everyday people who enjoy massage therapy but who are not licensed masseurs. This is neither a dating site nor a sexual message site (though some members do practice sensual massage), but rather a learning and therapeutic body rubs website. All massage exchanges are free; there is no barter or exchange of money between members. Through our website you can expect to meet many interesting and like-minded people as you explore and learn more about the wonderful world of massage therapy. Explore the site more to find the right massage partner and massage style for you, from Thai to Tantric, Shiatsu to Swedish, our massage trading community offers members many different unique and exciting possibilities.

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Recent Articles / News Related Massage
Desperate Times Call For Relaxing MeasuresMay 18 , 2010 — Faced with striving to fill the need for stress relief on an empty bank account, an increasing number of people are turning to massage exchange therapy in order to receive all of the healing benefits of a professional massage without the high cost. ... (continue)

When Trading Massages, Ask Questions FirstMarch 12th, 2010 — One of the greatest aspects of free exchange massages therapy – meeting new and interesting people – can also be on its most intimidating aspects. There are several things you can do in order to reduce unnecessary anxieties and ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for both you and your prospective massage partner... (continue)

Swedish Massage Tops List of Popular Massage TherapiesJan 10th, 2010 — An increasing number of people agree about the healing qualities of massage therapy and among these people more and more are turning to online massage exchange communities in order to give and receive quality massages at no cost. The one thing that massage enthusiasts don't seem to be in complete agreement on is the type of massage therapy that is most beneficial... (continue)

Common Questions
Are members allowed to trade erotic massages?
Members are allowed to do whatever they want, provided it's within the law. However, we try to offer a clean site and therefore do not allow flagrant offerings of sexual or erotic massage trading. That's not to say that some members don't do this with each other, but if you are looking for a sexual massage then you're going to have to look for subtle hints or clues in people's profiles. Alternatively, you could always visit this escort review website if you're looking for "guaranteed action" from legitimite escorts (and there's over 50,000 in the US alone listed here).

Is it really a free massage network?
Technically, yes, it is free. And yes, you can message other members of our community for free, provided that they are "gold" members (and there are alot of them). However, in order for one "free" member to message another "free" member of our group, then somebody will need to upgrade to a paid membership (Paid memberships are very inexpensive - under $10/month non-recurring and you could even get a super cheap "5 year membership" with "Guaranteed Partnerships"). It's really a great system, you should check it out!

Exchange Massages with other People

Why Go to an Erotic Massage Parlor?

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